Big Dave tackles Manchester sewer problems

United Utilities have launched their latest attempt to keep Manchester’s sewers free from grime, a robot called Big Dave.

Big Dave is a mechanised camera with all terrain tyres that can roll over just about any surface. He is controlled from above ground by his helper and can go into places a human simply can’t fit. With over one million turkeys being cooked this Christmas in the North West, it’s no wonder the sewers become blocked by all the fat that gets poured down the sink, but Dave is on a mission to find the fat so the sewers can work properly again.

Manchester’s sewer network is over 100 years old and whilst it still operates quite successfully, blockages and problems do occur from time to time. With six wheels and his own lighting rig, Dave can find the blockages and problems that people simply can’t without excavating the drain. He relays pictures to the surface via his multidirectional camera and doesn’t even baulk when he comes into contact with the occasional rat.

United Utilities are asking residents not to pour liquid fats down the sink, instead you need to let it go solid and put it into the general waste, or instead make it into a fat ball and hang it outside for the birds.

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