Avoid drainage problems this summer

Rather than having to deal with the stressful aftermath of blocked drains or flooding which can often occur at this time of year, it is always better to anticipate any issues at the outset. By checking your drains you can help to prevent many problems.

The first tip is to consider installing strainers in the plug holes of baths and kitchen sinks as they can prove to be very handy at catching hair and other debris which can cause drain blockages.

Whenever you are left with grease and fat after cooking, make sure you don’t pour it down the drain afterwards. Instead, you should let it cool and then place it in the bin.

Remember that paint, oil and other similar substances are not suitable for drain disposal either.

Always try and remove any blockages while they are less serious as this can save a lot of anguish later on. Using simple DIY techniques can solve minor problems, but don’t take on anything you are not trained to handle.

If in doubt, you should always get in touch with a professional drainage company who has the right technical expertise and equipment to inspect the drains and provide a quote for any work which is required.

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