Are flushable items always flushable?

This may sound like a strange question seeing as you would expect a product which has been labelled as ‘flushable’ to be exactly that, but when it comes to the sewerage system you would be surprised.

The reality of the situation is that product labelling can be confusing at times and this is certainly the case with regards to what you should (and shouldn’t) flush down the toilet, or pour into the sink.

Even though many products say they are safe to be disposed of in this way, the drains connected to your property have not been designed for these types of unsuitable items to pass through them. Only human waste, toilet tissue and wastewater should flow through the sewerage system.

So you can see why it is necessary for water and sewerage companies to campaign for homeowners to realise that this is indeed the case. Otherwise you will find that blockages continue to be a growing problem and this can easily lead to flooding.

If the system cannot cope with the things being flushed down there, then this could block your internal plumbing, allowing it to back up instead.

The message to ‘Bin it – don’t block it’, a campaign slogan adopted by Thames Water, is something which should be heeded if you want to avoid drainage problems within your home.

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