Advice for if you notice surface water flooding

There are many things which can contribute to sewage flooding, which means that sometimes this situation is unavoidable. When the sewer system becomes overloaded with large amounts of rainwater during heavy rainfall then flooding is highly likely.

If you ever spot any surface water flooding in your street or coming from the drains then you can get in touch with your regional water company who will usually send drainage engineers to sort out the problem as soon as possible. Drainage maintenance may be a necessity to stop it from affecting properties in the area.

However, the sewer flooding can often impact on residential areas and so you may need to call a drainage contractor to visit your home and perform emergency repairs and maintenance work to ensure the wastewater does not pose a health risk and serious hazard.

Sewer blockages can cause havoc in certain areas which are prone to this type of flooding so it is worth considering preventative measures where this becomes a growing issue.

The main thing to suggest is to contact the professionals in the first instance you notice flooding as drain inspection may be required. As well as tackling the problem, they will also be able to look at ways of stopping this from happening again in the future.

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