Should Homebuyers Have a CCTV Drain Survey?

Drain surveys for homebuyers are becoming increasingly commonplace. This is because the condition of its drains can affect the long-term condition of a property. Knowing exactly what you’re getting when you buy a property is crucial, especially at a time of rocketing house prices.

What You Need to Know

You can see the outward condition of a house with your own eyes and, similarly, you can gauge the state of its interior by having a good look around. But the state of its drainage is something you simply cannot know just by looking at a property.

There can be various concealed drainage problems that if left can cause problems and disruption to you later.

Firstly, there is the condition of the drains. You could have a collapsed drain on the property and be unaware of it. There may be misconnections in the drainage network which, over time, will cause leaks. Drains can suffer damage from tree roots growing into them, along with general deterioration and blockages.

A CCTV drain survey will forewarn you of any problems and expose issues you can then address before going ahead with your property purchase, so that you can avoid inheriting any nasty surprises.

Secondly, there is the question of ownership and responsibility. If there are issues with drains, it can raise the question of where the problem lies, and therefore if it is yours or the water company’s responsibility. A CCTV drain survey can help resolve this.

Mortgage lenders and insurance companies may require a drain survey before signing off on anything. As the buyer of a property, you shouldn’t be left in any doubt about the condition of the drains; and insurance companies do not want to be covering defective drainage.

For homebuyers, a drain survey should take place before the exchange of contracts, to avoid slowing down the process at a later stage.

At Drainage Consultants, our CCTV drain surveys provide a full picture of your drainage network, combining a clear report with a DVD of the CCTV footage we have taken.

Don’t be any doubts about your property; contact us to arrange a CCTV drain survey today.

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