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How a Drain Survey Led the Fight Against Black Mould

June 11, 2017

Black mould looks bad, and it can contain fungi that cause health problems such as asthma and allergies. In some cases, black mould may produce toxins that cause reactions in people. Mould it can appear as the result of water ingress from faulty drainage. When this is the case, a CCTV drain survey is key […]

Will a Drain Survey Expose Whose Drain is Faulty?

June 5, 2017

Whose drain is causing the leak? This is a question we are often called in to answer, when neighbours are in dispute over damp issues. We were called in recently over a dispute between commercial properties over a continuous flood into a basement, where our client was being held responsible. Drainage networks are often complex, […]

Vital Preventative Drain Maintenance for Schools

June 2, 2017

Schools can be complex buildings, which require a high degree of maintenance. During term time, anything disrupting the smooth running of a school, such as a blocked drain, can have an impact on both pupils and staff. Therefore, it is often in a school’s best interests to undertake preventative maintenance during school holidays, to minimise […]