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Public Sewer Connections: Lateral Thinking – Who’s Responsible for Sewer Pipes?

December 22, 2016

Do you assume that your property is automatically connected to the public sewer system? You probably imagine that public sewer connections are the responsibility of utilities companies – large scale work that is not to do with you and your home. Have you heard of a lateral drain? This is the drain outside your property […]

Drain Survey: Are You Pouring More than Fat Down the Drain?

December 16, 2016

Are You Pouring More than Fat Down the Drain? The aftermath of the festive season might typically lead to spike in gym membership, but it can also spell trouble for drains and sewers. Recent estimates from scientists suggest that removing grease, oil and fat from the drainage network totals around £50m a year on UK […]

CCTV Drain Survey: Don’t Fall Out with Your Neighbours Over Drains

December 10, 2016

We all like to get on with our neighbours, but sometimes the unexpected can throw up obstacles to good relations. Drains can be a problem in this regard, when it comes to working out who is responsible for drainage. Keeping the peace may require keeping a cool head, but it also may mean finding out […]