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Buildings Insurance: How a Drain Survey Helps

July 29, 2016

A drain survey is a diagnostic tool, but it also is an important measure in preventing the worst from happening. It can give reassurance to insurers and property owners that the local drainage network is working, and it can provide crucial information should an insurance claim arise. So when it comes to buildings insurance, the […]

Can a CCTV Drain Survey Help Your Business?

July 20, 2016

Can a CCTV Drain Survey Help Your Business? You might not think of drains as being essential to your business, but it’s more than likely that they are. In fact, if you do run a business, there is likely to come a time when you have issues with your drainage. Drains have to face a […]

How a CCTV Drain Survey Helps the Strategy of Building Work

July 13, 2016

If you have a major refurbishment or building project on the go, you want to have things planned well in advance. There will be various elements involved, maybe some renovating and retrofitting, and you’ll require a clear idea of materials required and what sort of contract work will be needed. But from a strategic viewpoint, […]

How We Use Drain Tracing to Solve your Drainage Problems

July 6, 2016

Drains are not always easily accessible, but we need to know what’s down there in order to plan the right solution for your drainage problems. Not all drain blockages or problems are simple to detect, and there can be the additional risk that extensive drainage repairs might disrupt other utilities or pipework. So in these […]