A drain survey is a diagnostic tool, but it also is an important measure in preventing the worst from happening. It can give reassurance to insurers and property owners that the local drainage network is working, and it can provide crucial information should an insurance claim arise. So when it comes to buildings insurance, the drain survey has a key role to play.


Are You Covered?

Faulty drains can have a serious affect on a building, with, potentially, complete failure of the drainage system and subsidence, damaging the foundations. You can be covered for this providing you have ensured the regular maintenance of your drainage system. But making a successful claim can be something of an uphill struggle. There are frequently a substantial number of issues to address and you may have many technical questions around drain failure and drainage to answer.

The drain survey can, therefore, be of real assistance. It will give you the right level of technical information about your drainage system to be able to successfully submit a claim under your buildings insurance.

It’s important that you have real substance to your claim, and the drain survey will be able to provide this, and satisfy your insurer’s demands for information.


What Will a Drain Survey Do?

A drain survey will be able to locate trouble spots in drainage systems: areas where the pipework is degraded, or where tree roots have caused damage. If there are, or have been, blockages, the drain survey will pinpoint where, and indicate contributing factors to damaged drains.

When it comes to deciding what remedial action to take, the drain survey will be able to give you a clear indication what will be required.

We look at all the survey data we’ve gathered, including the actual CCTV footage, and it allows us to put forward an accurate quotation for any essential work we’d need to do on your behalf to put things right. All this is essential for a buildings insurance claim.

If your insurer requires a building subsidence report, we can provide this, along with the full drain survey report. We’re in the business of detection and diagnosis, and experts at carrying out remedial and preventative work. Let our drain survey be your starting point to getting things sorted out.

Can a CCTV Drain Survey Help Your Business?

You might not think of drains as being essential to your business, but it’s more than likely that they are. In fact, if you do run a business, there is likely to come a time when you have issues with your drainage. Drains have to face a lot of wear and tear, and some drains are very old. If you’re having a refurbishment or fit-out you might need to ensure your existing drain network will be up to the changes you’ve got planned. This is why a CCTV drain survey can be a real business asset.


What is the True Cost of Your Drains?

What would be the cost implications of not maintaining your drains? For example, if you’re a retailer then blocked drains are going to have some sort of noticeable impact on how you conduct your business. The smell alone may well put your customers off. Also, there are serious health and safety implications for businesses with drains that aren’t functioning properly.

You may be faced with a situation where something is wrong but you don’t know what it is. It may be that your drainage issues are there but not yet actively disruptive. The sensible thing to do is to act and not wait, because putting things off is only going to result in the problem becoming much, much worse, and therefore costing you more to fix.

Say your business is moving to new premises and you want to have it thoroughly refurbished first. Think about checking the existing drainage network to ensure that whatever your plans, you won’t end up with a bill to fix utilities you’ve disrupted or damaged in carrying them out.

Is a CCTV Drain Survey the Answer?

How do you find out the state of your drains without major disruption? The answer is using state of the art CCTV technology to explore the drainage network. Think of it as part of your business planning. Banks and building societies often insist that a drain survey takes place before they release funds to businesses relocating.

Our survey will provide you with all the details you need and, should you need to take action, we’ll have the right plan for you. We can provide a same-day quote and we offer a quick turnaround for your drainage report, based on the CCTV footage we take.

Act now, and ensure a smoother future for your business with a CCTV drain survey.

If you have a major refurbishment or building project on the go, you want to have things planned well in advance. There will be various elements involved, maybe some renovating and retrofitting, and you’ll require a clear idea of materials required and what sort of contract work will be needed. But from a strategic viewpoint, you may also need to have a clear idea about what you’re planning to build on. This is where a CCTV drain survey proves invaluable.


How Does a CCTV Drain Survey Fit In?


If any part of your refurbishment or building work will involve you having to build over sewer pipes or a drainage network, then you need to know what you might find beneath ground. It is often the case that existing plans, though available, are not up to date. Drainage networks evolve and are subject to changes over time. These may have not been recorded.

What are the implications of starting your work without having this up to date knowledge? You might have a set of robust costings for materials and man-hours, along with a tight schedule to meet milestones and deadlines. However, should something go wrong, involving damage or disruption to utilities, this is going to throw your project off-course. Having the proper, prior knowledge is vital to the successful completion of most building projects and a CCTV drain survey can have a major part to play in this.


Accuracy and Cost Effectiveness


CCTV technology is a proven means of providing accurate, up to date drainage information. It’s cost effective in terms of efficiency and effort, and as an investment in helping keep major building projects on track, it provides real added value.

For certain public sector building tenders, accurate drain mapping is essential in order to fulfil environmental regulations at the pre-qualification stage, which again makes CCTV drain surveys key to success in the competitive construction sector.

We bring clarity to drainage networks. Our CCTV data contributes to our fully comprehensive drainage reports, schematic plans and survey sheets. And we include a DVD of the footage itself.

Be prepared, and ensure you have all the latest knowledge of the drains and sewers you’re planning to build on. Contact Drainage Consultants today to arrange a CCTV drain survey.

Drains are not always easily accessible, but we need to know what’s down there in order to plan the right solution for your drainage problems. Not all drain blockages or problems are simple to detect, and there can be the additional risk that extensive drainage repairs might disrupt other utilities or pipework. So in these situations we use sonar drain tracing to gather information.

What Does Drain Tracing Involve?

With drain tracing, we transmit electrical pulses through the drainage network using specialist sonar drain tracing equipment. Our team then follows the electrical transmissions with a receiver. This method means we pick up on issues such as blocked or damaged drains or blockages, and locate drainage network features such as concealed manholes.

We analyse the data we gather from drain tracing, and this helps us build an accurate picture of the local drainage network. The whole procedure saves time and money, while giving us a crucial advance warning of any likely obstacles we’ll come up against when it comes to drain repairs.

Other Benefits

Plans of drains and utilities can often be out of date, and builders need to know where they can safely build, and what hidden difficulties they might face. Drain tracing can help us map out the whole drainage network and provide a clear idea of where pipes have been laid, and where concealed manhole covers and inspection chambers are located.

Drain tracing is also beneficial when it comes to pricing up work and giving accurate estimates to our customers prior to commencing a job. Ultimately, drain tracing saves you more than it costs you in the first place, because it enables us to get real clarity about the work required before embarking on it.

Using state of the art technology to help solve drainage problems is very much what we’re about at Drainage Consultants. The right procedures and the right tools to do the job are at the centre of how we work, and the great results we achieve for our customers.