The drain is the scene of a crime. Something has gone badly wrong, systems have failed and the consequences are hideous: foul sewage water has backed up. There’s a lot of mess and the smell really isn’t too pleasant either. You can try putting chemicals down there, you can even poke about using a wire coat-hanger, but in the end, in your heart of hearts, you know it’s time to call in
the experts.

So the drainage detectives pull up at the scene of the crime. You’ve given them the lowdown on what to expect, but the thing is, drains are hidden. Like you, they can see, and smell, the symptoms of the problem, but they’re going to have to do some professional investigating to get to the heart of the matter, the bottom of the problem.

So what are they going to do next? This is where CCTV is of enormous benefit. Now we all know about CCTV generally. It’s pretty much everywhere, on street corners, in buildings, on roads. There’s a lot of talk about the surveillance society and just how watched we’ve become.

But here’s another viewpoint: CCTV can be enormously useful and helpful. Technology has allowed cameras to be employed across a range of situations, from medical to military, from crime prevention to, well, drain investigation.

The CCTV drain survey gives us, your drainage professionals, a vital insight into the state of your drains, without them having to conduct more invasive investigations. CCTV is a major tool when it comes to investigating and diagnosing drainage problems because it allows us to get into otherwise difficult to access areas. Our cameras will accurately record the state of your drains and the footage provides the basis for a comprehensive, diagnostic report.

So back we go to the scene of the crime. It may not quite be an open and shut case, but with CCTV technology, it’s definitely a case we can crack.

Are you thinking: that’s not for me? Perhaps the idea of a CCTV drain survey just doesn’t appeal to you. Does it sound too technical, too involved, too expensive, or just too much trouble? Think again: the CCTV drain survey is a really efficient, cost effective way of inspecting your drains.

It’s a fact of life that drains don’t clean themselves, and they get a lot of use and suffer a lot of wear and tear. We won’t go too far into the grim details, but plenty passes through your drains daily, including:

• bath and shower water
• dishwater; and
• toilet paper.

Clearly this isn’t the whole story. When you wash up there’s probably food waste and grease; when you shower and bath, and shave, there’s hair. Small pieces of soap can gradually clog up your drains, as can items you should never put down there, such as cotton wool buds, coffee grounds, paper towels, cooking fat and oil and solid food waste.

With constant use, and with the best will in the world, drains can become less efficient over time as they get coated in waste, and deposits build inside them. You may notice that your drains have started to smell, or that wastewater takes longer to drain away. These are symptoms that your drains are not at their best.

Now there are commercially available drain unblocking products you can try, but if you’re having to keep doing it, the message is that something is not right and it’s likely to get worse.

Which is where a CCTV drain survey proves its value. Using state-of-the-art technology we can put a camera down your drain, and follow your drain network, recording all the normally hidden details. This is a proven method for drain detection, and it’s both cost effective and non-disruptive – we won’t be digging around just to find out what state your drains are in.

At the end of it we produce a full report of our findings, together with a DVD of the actual CCTV drain survey footage, and our recommendations for remedial or preventative action.

We’re Drainage Consultants and we love sorting drains out. Contact us today and see how you can benefit from a CCTV drain survey.