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How Can You Protect Your Property from Drainage Danger?

February 24, 2016

Before considering whether or not it’s worthwhile having a CCTV drain survey, think about what sort of a threat poor drainage could be to your property. Firstly, what about the drains that should carry surface water away? We live in a wet country, and some years are much, much wetter than others. Storm drains are […]

Are Your Drains Doing Damage to the Environment? CCTV Drain Survey

February 18, 2016

Why would you have a CCTV drain survey? Let’s work back a bit: the most effective means easily available of clearing a blocked drain is a chemical cleaner, bought off the shelf. However, this kind of cleaner does contain harmful agents and is definitely hazardous if it comes into contact with your skin. If your […]

Where Are the Plans? Time for Drain Tracing

February 10, 2016

When it comes to drains, you can’t always get a clear picture about what’s going on. Unfortunately, when it comes to plans, the same can apply. Buildings evolve. They get refurbished, re-fitted, and extended. Vital plans can get lost or become outdated. A vital part of the process of building, however, how to know where […]

Hassle-free Public Sewer Connections

February 4, 2016

What would be the effect of your property not being connected to the public sewer system? The short answer is: trouble. Proper, safe drainage for sewerage is a mark of a civilised society. No one wants to return to a time when people shouted a warning (if you were lucky) and hurled their waste out […]