If you’ve got a property that’s recently been built or developed, the chances are it will need connecting up to the public sewer network. We don’t normally think about things like public sewer connections. We see sewers as part of large-scale utilities that somebody else looks after. But if your property does require connecting up to the public sewer it is your responsibility.

Sewerage companies are responsible for the sewers themselves, and with this responsibility come certain rights of access, which covers private gardens where sewer pipes cross. So if there’s work required to the public sewer and it falls on your land, this would normally be taken care of by the sewerage company.

However, drains and private sewers carrying household waste are the responsibility of the householder or landlord. So where this local network requires connection to the public sewer, it is the private individual’s responsibility to arrange it. As with other utilities, the point at which the household waste connects with the public sewer marks the boundary.
If you want to connect your property to the public sewerage network, you’ll need to apply for a connection that complies with Section 106 of the Water Industry Act. The easiest way to go about this is to find a qualified contractor who will do the job.

We have a vast amount of experience with public sewer connections, employing a variety of different methods for completing this work, depending on the individual circumstances of the property involved. We’ll be able to advise you on what the best kind of connection will be suitable for your property.

Once the work is complete you’ll need to obtain a Certificate of Satisfactory Inspection. The Water Authority issues this once their inspector has thoroughly assessed your new public sewer connection. This is another reason why it makes sense to use a properly qualified, experienced contractor in the first place.

So the short answer to the question of who is responsible for your public sewer connection is that it’s you. But we’ll happily do the work on your behalf, to highest professional standard. Contact Drainage Consultants for more information about how we can help you.

There’s nothing quite like recurring drainage problems to put a damper on your day. These show themselves in a variety of ways, all of them unpleasant. For example, a persistently foul odour coming from your drains would indicate a recurring drainage problem. And while you might be able to function as normal, up to a point, it’s not something you can really ignore.

In the home, foul smelling drains are bad news, in a business they can become a real liability. Restaurants in particular can suffer from recurrent drainage problems due to the high volumes of fat and grease they routinely have to dispose of. Clogged drains may seem like a fact of life if you have a restaurant or catering business, but this doesn’t mean they can’t, and shouldn’t, be addressed.

A drain survey is an excellent means to detect problem areas in a drainage system and to diagnose specific issues, such as foul-smelling and slow-working drains.

This isn’t a simple, nice to have option: commissioning a drain survey is a cost effective way of uncovering drainage problems without going to the expense and potential disruption of preliminary excavations. Modern CCTV technology allows us to conduct a thorough underground investigation and record the results.

The drain survey will show us what conditions your drains are in. We’ll be able to see from the CCTV footage whether or not there’s any long-term structural damage, collapses or blockages. Our CCTV footage will provide the information for a full survey report. This is how we can let you know exactly what you’re dealing with, along with our recommended action plan. We’ll also give you a DVD of the CCTV footage so you have your own record of what our cameras have unearthed.

When it comes to drainage problems, it really doesn’t have to be a case of here we go again. We can systematically investigate, record, report and then act to ensure your drains don’t keep causing you problems.

If you’ve got recurring drainage issues, whether you’re a householder or a business owner, you need to consider whether a drain survey is something you can continue to afford not to have.

It’s true; in some places elephants get trapped in drains. Really. There have been stories in the news from Thailand to Africa about this happening. On the one hand, detecting the drainage problem shouldn’t prove too difficult – you won’t need a CCTV drain survey to spot an elephant blocking the drain – on the other, shifting the problem might require quite a bit of manpower.

There’s something else to consider though. The expression, elephant in the room, has become commonplace, short for ignoring a problem that’s so big that avoiding it seems easier than tackling it. But what happens if there’s an elephant in your drain?

What we mean is, supposing you’ve got ongoing drainage problems. Maybe they’re not enough to completely bring you to a standstill, but nevertheless, they’re an inconvenience. What sort of problems? Perhaps your drains are always smelly, no matter what you put down them to try and take the stench away. Or your drains are slow to work, or you keep having repeated, minor blockages that you’re able to clear for a short time but they keep happening.

These might be the sorts of drainage problems you feel you can somehow learn to live with. But at the back of your mind there’s the nagging worry that things going wrong repeatedly are only going to get worse. So if you want to confront the elephant in your drain, what can you do?

We can give your drains a CCTV drain survey. It is what it sounds like: we send a camera down your drainage system to uncover its hidden secrets. This is a really cost effective way to find out what state, exactly, your drains are in. It will reveal any problem areas, blockages and weaknesses.

We compile the results into a comprehensive report for you, and we include a DVD of the CCTV drain survey footage so you can see for yourself. We’ll give you a recommended course of action and fully explain to you what we need to do to get your drains sorted out.

You might be able to live with an elephant, but in the end surely it’s better to have any problems investigated and remedied, before you face a full-blown crisis.

Business needs drains. Drains are not fashionable, they’re not trending, but they are essential. If you run a business at some point you’re likely to have issues with drainage, either because it isn’t doing what it should, or maybe because you’re expanding or refurbishing and the existing drain network will need to be included in your plans.
The CCTV drain survey really is a business asset. Think of it this way, what would the cost be to you of not maintaining your drains? If you’re in retail then having blocked drains is going to impact on your ability to conduct business with customers – the smell alone will be enough to put people off.

For any business there are health and safety implications of having drains that aren’t functioning properly. The key thing is to act promptly and decisively. Putting this kind of thing off will only result in magnifying the problem.
If you’re a business that’s moving into new premises, possibly with a re-fit or refurbishment, you may well need to check the drainage network. Often a CCTV drain survey is stipulation of banks and building societies before they release funds. And there are the practical issues around where any improvement work is due to take place. A collapsed sewer pipe under your nice new offices isn’t going to be good news.

We’re experienced in surveying a wide range of business premises and locations, including airports, retail parks and construction sites. We can give you a same-day quote if you provide us with site plans, and we are able to offer a quick turnaround on your drainage report based on our CCTV survey. Our survey will provide you with all the details you need and, where action is required, we’ll supply you with an action plan.

The CCTV drain survey can be a key part of any business planning, whether for expansion or contingency. Don’t put off doing today what could cost you dearly in the future.

The story starts out as a mystery. It begins with a problem or an issue with your drains. You might do a bit of your own investigating, in an attempt to find out what’s causing your blocked drains, but in the end you’re stuck with something that you can’t get to the bottom of.

It’s time to call in the experts. This story depends on someone being able to get to the bottom of the issue and then come up with a solution. We’re the drainage specialists. You’ve asked for our help, we’re here to serve you and to find out what’s wrong with your drains. How will we accomplish this?

Here the story becomes a procedural piece all about detective work. It’s all in the detail around what we do to uncover the mystery of your blocked drains. This is where the narrative picks up pace and things get really interesting.

Now we can conduct our CCTV drain survey. This involves us using state-of-the-art technology to investigate your drains, getting into the most difficult to access areas. Our cameras will record the condition of the drains, including any blockages or damaged problem areas. Using this footage we will compile a complete diagnostic report for you about the state of your drains.

At the end of this process you’ll receive a DVD of the CCTV footage and our report, together with our recommended course of action. We’ll be very clear about what’s needed and the information taken from the CCTV drain survey will help you understand exactly what’s causing your blocked drains.

How does the story end? The information we’ve given you will form the basis for what we do next. Once you’ve got the full picture we can let you have a clear idea of how we can tackle your problem, and how much this will cost. We’re upfront about what we do and we’ll keep our information clear for you to understand.

Contact Drainage Consultants today and see how we can give your drainage story the right ending. Mystery uncovered, problem solved.

A drain survey can be a key preventative measure taken to provide reassurance to property owners and insurers that a local drainage network is working as it should. It can also provide crucial information in the event of an insurance claim. Faulty drains require immediate repair or buildings risk mounting drainage problems, possibly leading to complete failure of the drainage system and subsidence.
Should the worst happen, if you’re a property owner you may in fact find that your existing buildings insurance covers the cost to repair or replace damaged drainage systems. Generally this cover will be valid if a drainage system has been regularly maintained.
However, you may also find the task of making a claim to be daunting, particularly with regard to any technical questions that can arise around drainage and drain failure.

In this light, a drain survey can prove to be an invaluable asset. It provides the right kind of information required to enable you to make a claim under buildings insurance. It will also give the insurer vital information to support the claim. A drain survey will locate trouble spots in drainage systems, including incursion from tree roots, or where the pipework has become degraded. It will also be able to pinpoint where blockages have occurred and what contributing factors there are to any damage.

Finally, the survey will assist in determining the right course of remedial action required to put things right. By referring to the collected survey data, including CCTV survey footage, we can then provide an accurate quotation for the repair or replacement work, again essential for your buildings insurance claim.

We can, if necessary, also provide a full subsidence report to insurers, in addition to a drain survey. Our services involve detection, diagnosis, preventative and remedial work. We’re here to maintain drainage systems and, should things go wrong, take the right course of action to get them fixed.

There’s a housing shortage and house prices in the UK are on the rise, and have been for some time. Buying a house is a bigger financial commitment than ever so making the right choice is critical. The homebuyer survey is a vital part of the house buying process and it’s there to make sure that the buyer knows exactly what condition a property is in prior to purchase.

CCTV drain surveys have increasingly become a vital part of the information supplied to homebuyers in advance of buying a property. There are some things regarding drains that you need to consider when buying a house. Firstly, where your responsibilities begin and end. A CCTV drain survey will make this clear. Secondly, the survey can reveal any weaknesses or problem areas that could have a bearing on the value of your home. These might include blockages, pipe deterioration and damage from tree root incursion.

Older properties may well have drainage weaknesses and issues, but this can also be true of new houses if they have badly laid drainage. Furthermore, in 2014 the UK had its wettest winter on record so it’s worth noting that a properly functioning drainage system is an essential defence against flooding. There is also the possibility that drains have been wrongly connected, or that leakage from drains is posing the threat of subsidence.

A pre-purchase CCTV drain survey might not seem an immediate priority if you’re a prospective house buyer, but depending on the area and the condition of the property, it may well be something you don’t want to exclude.

It always makes sense to be in full possession of the facts before you decide on any action and our CCTV drain survey can provide you with vital information in advance of your decision whether to buy or not.