It’s all about knowledge. It’s about getting the full picture in advance of taking any action. It’s also about exploration and explanation. Drain mapping is vital in uncovering what is otherwise hidden and in allowing for the accurate anticipation of what to expect when commencing any work with a likely impact on the drainage and sewer network.

The historical development of cartography stretches back in time from the Ancient Near East and Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Medieval Mappa Mundi, through eras of exploration and expansion, right up to the present day, where the application of modern technology aids in the production of accurate cartographical material.

Well drain mapping might seem a little unglamorous and less significant in this context, but it’s about the same need to explore and know about an area in order to be able to get the best from it, including being forewarned of any difficult or challenging terrain.

Drain mapping is crucial when it comes to preparing for major refurbishments or building work that may be close by, or even on top of, sewer and drainage networks. Existing plans may be out of date, unclear or untraceable. Using CCTV survey data, drain mapping can bring a high degree of clarity to a situation and a level of technical accuracy that’s essential as part of any planning process.

So consider drain mapping as a branch of cartography, serving a similar desire to map accurately and in so doing, impose a sense of order. It’s an aid to progress and a vital tool in strategic preparation for development work.

We offer a full drain mapping service, incorporating schematic plans, a DVD of CCTV survey footage and comprehensive written records of what we’ve discovered, including manhole locations, water flow direction and the various connections in the drainage network.

When you’ve got blocked drains you want them unblocked as soon as possible. You want to get the problem sorted so you can resume your normal routine, be it at business or in the home.

It’s not unnatural for people to put things off, especially if they can live with the fault for the time being. We often find this with drainage issues, where the problem is only seen as such when it’s become so advanced that something has to be done about it urgently.

A CCTV drain survey won’t unblock your drains for you, but it can be crucial for detecting and diagnosing drainage problems. We understand that your focus is usually going to be on a cure for blocked drains and for immediate remedial action. However, sometimes the most important step is to investigate first.

What are the obstacles in the way of you getting a CCTV drain survey? If you think you have issues with your drainage, from funny smells to sluggish water movement, what are you waiting for?

Perhaps the idea of a CCTV drain survey simply sounds too expensive. But in fact drain surveys are a good, cost effective way of investigating your drains to find out exactly the problem is. If your drains have a blockage, or there has been general deterioration of your pipework, it’s by properly investigating the problem that we then go about solving it for you.

With a CCTV drain survey we can precisely assess what sort of condition your drains are in. It’s the thing that means we can get to the heart of the issue and accurate diagnose a drainage problem.

Sometimes symptoms may at first be little more than an inconvenience but any symptom if left undiagnosed is likely to grow into to something altogether more serious. The CCTV survey can reveal any weaknesses or problem areas that are likely to escalate, if left untreated, into a full-blown crisis.

If you’ve got any doubts about your drainage, don’t hesitate and contact Drainage Consultants today. You might just discover that having a CCTV drain survey now will save you a lot of pain and greater expense later.

A high level clean in Macclesfield.


The nursery supplements it’s income by holding exhibitions in the greenhouses at this time of year however they were concerned that each time it rained the water leaked in from the silted valleys.



We cleared 800 meters of silted valleys over a 4 day period.  Since the valley clean the greenhouses no longer flood when it rains and the nursery owners have been able to promote the exhibition knowing that flooding will not occur…





So your driveway is quite new and you’ve had the experts in to fit it. It’s got drainage channels, it’s nice and level and, up to now, you’ve been really pleased with it. However, there’s been some typically poor British summer weather to contend with and this new puddle seems persistent, pooling on the driveway and refusing to drain away. And now you’re beginning to think it smells a bit off too.

Sometimes the symptoms of a drainage problem present themselves as more of an inconvenience than a crisis, a nagging reminder to you that all isn’t as it should be. But you shouldn’t be deceived by the irritation factor – any symptom if left undiagnosed is likely to lead to something more serious. Which is why CCTV drain surveys are so important.

The CCTV drain survey is the thing that allows us to get to the heart of the matter for an accurate diagnosis of a drainage problem. It’s efficient, economical and causes minimal disruption. Once we’ve investigated we’ll supply you with a comprehensive report including a DVD of the CCTV footage, so you can see exactly what it is we’re referring to.

There are several things that might be the cause of an unwanted, persistent pool of water on your driveway. It might be from defective pipes, an undetected blockage, the incursion of tree roots. The important thing is that once we know, and you know, then we can submit a quotation for remedial work to get the problem sorted out once and for all.

That inconvenient puddle might be an early warning of something being not right. Our CCTV drain survey will confirm things one way or another. But it’s not the end of the world if the news is bad, because we’ll have the right drainage solution for you.

Sometimes drainage problems aren’t manmade. Nature can be the cause of drainage damage and when this occurs the consequences can be wide-ranging and significantly harmful. Trees are one of the biggest causes of blockages to drainage and sewage pipe networks. Tree roots can damage drains leading to blockages, leaks and, in some cases if left untreated, building subsidence.

Trees are attracted to drains. It’s a far from ideal match but the moisture from condensation on drainpipes, and sometimes leaking from joints, attracts roots. If there are excavations for building or drainage, these provide easier means for roots to burrow down towards pipework, following the course of the trenches originally dug to lay pipes.

Tree roots can enter the drain system through the pipe joints, or through cracks and fractures. At its worst, this sort of damage can mean major excavation to remedy the displacement of pipe joints or fracturing by tree root incursion.

In the UK, most drainage networks use clay pipes with sand and cement joints. Tree roots can get into this kind of pipework, ultimately reducing the diameter, or bore, of the pipe, and affecting the ability of the drainage system to perform the way it was designed to do. Or they can fracture the pipework leading to leaks.

Clearly, a drain survey is an essential prerequisite for certain properties if they are located near trees, or have trees included in their boundary. This might be a case of undertaking a survey for preventative measures. But a drain survey is also a crucial element when seeking to remedy drainage problems. Where preliminary excavation would be difficult without causing major disruption, the drain survey can provide many answers in advance.

It’s important for property owners to have the right means at their disposal to tackle drainage problems. Our drain survey can provide reassurance and indicate what action needs to be taken to safeguard the property against drainage damage caused by tree root incursion.