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Knowing when to act on a drainage issue (Part 1)

April 27, 2012

In these tough economic times it is quite common for householders to leave seemingly small maintenance problems alone until it is imperative that they get sorted. While this is understandable from a money point of view, when it comes to drainage it could end up in an expensive mess. This warning should certainly be heeded […]

Carrying out drain lining without the need for excavation

April 26, 2012

In the not too distant past, should a drainage pipe be damaged and in need of repair, excavation was the general method used by engineers for replacement works to go ahead. This was not only time consuming, it would also lead to quite a bit of disruption in the vicinity of the pipework. Thankfully, there […]

Call for greater clarity on insurance relating to drainage

April 25, 2012

Consumer group Which? has revealed that many customers are unaware that when they sign up for water pipe insurance that it only covers basic servicing, which could leave them open to expensive sewer drainage issues further down the line. It is costing consumers £100million a year in “unnecessary” cover when free pipe repair schemes are […]

How a drainage contractor may approach drain cleaning

April 19, 2012

If you ever require the services of a drainage contractor to maintain the drains connecting your home or work premises with the sewerage network this may be a routine job or to fix a stubborn blockage in the pipes. Depending on the nature of the callout the engineers may decide to carry out a drain inspection first. This usually […]

Road reopening welcomed by Didsbury businesses

April 16, 2012

Local firms in West Didsbury can now get on with their trading again after regional water company United Utilities announced the end of large scale drainage maintenance works as part of their River Mersey improvements scheme. Since the start of January Burton Road had been closed to allow for the building of a new sewer overflow chamber. […]

Do not underestimate the issue of blocked drainage

April 10, 2012

It is true that many people never really think about their drains until something happens to their property. Should such an unfortunate incident occur you will realise just how serious a problem it can be. If there is a blocked drain this can end up causing health and environmental issues. So, once the wastewater makes […]

Who is actually responsible for the drains in our area?

April 9, 2012

Despite the government enforcing changes to the ownership of drains in this country back in October 2011, many people are still unsure as to where the responsibility lies when a drainage issue rears its head. In this article, we will be looking briefly at this issue to hopefully clarify a few things so that should […]

How Yorkshire Water are using bacteria to tackle fat blockages

April 3, 2012

You may have read recently about how water company Yorkshire Water have been making use of an unusual method to take on the problems they have been having with sewer blockages in the region. We will now consider how this works in practice. The bacillus bacteria, which can be found in the gut of humans, […]