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Why water companies are so active in drain campaigns

January 23, 2012

Water companies such as United Utilities in the North West are very determined in educating those living in their area to understand more about what happens when items are disposed of in the wrong way. This is certainly understandable when you consider that United Utilities is expected to cope with a minimum of 40,000 blockages […]

Water company exposes problem with misleading advice

January 19, 2012

A survey carried out by north west water company United Utilities last year revealed some worrying findings for households up and down the country. They looked at many items manufactured by the leading hygiene brands and found that the advice on their products was actually misleading their customers. With many products like cotton wool, make-up […]

Drain study to be backed by Yorkshire Water

January 18, 2012

According to recent reports the water company is set to put money towards an investigation of the sewerage and drainage systems in Goole, a town that was victim to flash flooding during the summer of 2010. The study is to cost Yorkshire Water £275,000 to complete as it is all part of pump improvements recommended […]

Drain tips for parents as Mums Know Best

January 17, 2012

Water companies are usually quite vocal when it comes to letting their customers know about the best ways to look after the drains servicing their homes. However, United Utilities is particularly active in the North West area and has a number of ongoing campaigns that highlight the problem of blocked drainage and how this can […]

Did you heed the drainage warning this Christmas?

January 16, 2012

Just before Christmas United Utilities reminded families living in the North West that they needed to think carefully before deciding to pour turkey fat into the drainage system. This advice was offered so they didn’t face blocked pipes and huge repair costs when entering the new year. Hopefully, this time the usual million pints of […]

Bringing the Keep it Clear campaign to life

January 13, 2012

Following three successful events at the end of last year, Anglian Water is all set to continue with its Keep it Clear roadshow when it visits four more communities over the next few months. Featuring such things as interactive displays, live presentations, demonstrations as well as giveaways, those living in the region will be able […]

Thames Water gets into festive spirit to highlight sewer problems

January 2, 2012

Staff at Thames Water decided to make a serious point using Christmas Carols last month when they posted a YouTube video of themselves singing a reworded classic to highlight the issues of fat disposal in the sewerage system. They were all dressed up in suitable festive attire for the occasion as they sang to the […]