Quite a lot has changed in the way that a drainage contractor would approach a situation. This is mainly down to the fact that they can call on trenchless technology which means that a road does not always have to be dug up in order for new pipes to be laid.

An assessment of the area will determine what method is required but the latest drainage equipment and processes mean that the job is so much more efficient these days.

CCTV surveys are used by the professionals to access a particular drainage system. Instead of physically having to check the pipes to see what the cause of the blockage actually is, they can now carry out this technique which utilises a camera to see what is going on in the pipe.

By making good use of such things as CCTV surveys, a drainage engineer can analyse the blockage and suggest an appropriate course of action, all of which will be detailed in the report produced for the client.

Due to these advancements in technology, it makes the nature of the job so much more cost effective for the customer, while the drainage contractor can carry out their work in a much more efficient manner.

You can consider yourself fortunate or very conscientious if you have never had the misfortune of dealing with drainage issues within the home. A blocked drain or one badly in need of repair can really inconvenience a homeowner and cause a number of problems.

This is when you might need to call on a reputable drainage contractor to come round and tackle a blockage that cannot be dealt with using the basic drainage maintenance techniques.

If you go to a top provider of drainage services you can expect them to arrive promptly to assess the situation and ensure that any disruption to your daily life will be kept to an absolute minimum.

In addition to being available to assist with everyday blockages, an experienced contractor is also able to offer a number of other more specialist services including the following:

  • Drainage maintenance and cleaning contracts – regular servicing of the drains can help to prevent the need for costly repairs and ensure the system is kept flowing
  • CCTV surveys – this technology allows the engineer to see what is going on inside the drain pipes and any issues can be highlighted through the process, with a report published on the findings
  • 24 hour operation – having the option to call out the company at any time of the day or night is a huge help to many commercial customers.

Christmas is usually regarded as a time for relaxation and spending time with family and friends. However, this is also one of the busiest periods of the year for those involved with drainage maintenance. This is because these specialists are required to sort out the added strain put on the sewerage system.

When people have tucked into their Christmas dinners and have to deal with the leftovers, they often think nothing of pouring away all the fat from their turkey down the sink. Most householders do not do this wittingly of course, but it can actually lead to drainage blockages and other problems during the holidays.

So next time you have a roast dinner and are tempted to dispose of the fats in this way, think again and consider what the implications are for the sewerage system and the fact these liquids can soon solidify down there and cause blockages.

Instead, you should think carefully about the sorts of things poured down the sink and flushed in the toilet as they can end up in emergency repair work for drainage companies who have to try and remedy the problems caused to the network. Due to the work put in by these specialists, our drains can remain trouble-free through Christmas and New Year.

Forgetting about the drains servicing our home is quite an easy thing to do as it is something which does not usually affect us every day. However, it is one of those things which can soon escalate into a much bigger problem, should be neglect this maintenance area.

As a property owner it is your duty to look after your building and ensure that the drainage system is kept flowing. To achieve this you may be required to perform basic maintenance every now and again.

Obviously if there is a major issue then it is necessary to call on the drainage experts to come round and assess the situation. However, most minor issues can be sorted out with just a little bit of know-how.

Some drain maintenance tasks when carried out on a regular basis can reduce the chances of something completely unexpected happening which might cause a lot more trouble and stress.

When it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, you can keep on top of the situation by watching what is poured down or flushed into the drains. That goes for everyone in the household as people need to work together to keep the system working as it was designed to.

It is no wonder that most businesses now decide to go for a drainage maintenance contract rather than call out a contractor when required as they know that they will need their help within the very near future.

One of the many drainage problems affecting companies is scaling which can accumulate on the inside of the pipes, thus reducing its efficiency. After a while this build-up of debris can result in blockages and further issues.

With a contract, you can simply contact the professionals at any time of the day and get them to sort out the thing affecting your operations. If it is scaling on the pipes then this can be removed using specialist mechanical equipment.

Scale deposits can be removed on a regular basis due to the fact that you have signed up for maintenance to be carried out throughout the year. You can have total peace of mind that scale will never be allowed to build up in the pipes for long.

As well as sorting out the scaling, the drainage maintenance contractor can check out the rest of the drainage system to ensure that everything is flowing as it should, letting you get on with the task of running your business.

With winter now well and truly upon us it is important not to neglect important areas of our homes and workplaces when the freezing conditions start to set in.

Drainage is one of those things that can cause many problems at this time of year due to the weather and so it is necessary to plan ahead.

In addition to freezing water supply pipes, this can cause other issues such as once the snow and ice starts to melt. The drains that service our properties may not be able to cope with this excessive amount of water and this puts pressure on the entire drainage system.

Therefore, as with the maintenance engineers who service the main system, you need to be aware of this issue so it does not affect your home and lead to burst drainage pipes or flooding.

You also need to check the drainage pipes outside your property to see that they are not blocked by leaves. This can further exasperate the problem as the water has nowhere to go and certainly can’t drain away as it usually would.

If you do experience any of these problems, get in touch with your local drainage maintenancecontractor as they will be able to get everything going again.