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Have you noticed signs that your bath is becoming blocked? (Part 2)

October 29, 2011

The last article looked at the immediate thing to try should your bath be taking much longer than normal to empty after a bath or shower. It might be easy to fix the problem by removing any hair or scum from around the plug hole, but if not, then consider the following information. If the […]

Have you noticed signs that your bath is becoming blocked? (Part 1)

October 28, 2011

Whether you have a shower installed above your bath tub and are becoming aware that the drainage is slowing down, or if you have just seen that it takes longer to empty after having a bath, it is better to act now than wait for it to get worse. The cause of the problem may […]

Many areas have better protection against flooding

October 26, 2011

The Environment Agency has recently revealed that around 182,000 households in England now have been provided with an improved defence against the risk of flood. According to a report from the organisation, this has exceeded the three-year target originally set by the government by 37,000 properties. As well as this, a record number of homes […]

Water company identifies problem area for blocked drains

October 25, 2011

Thames Water has revealed that it has launched a scheme costing ¬£4 million to tackle one of its worst areas for blocked drains. Harrow in northwest London is the area in question after the water company named it along with East Ham and Leyton as being worse for sewer blockages that anywhere else in the […]

Thames Water faces up to added responsibilities

October 24, 2011

In just one example of how the recent law changes are affecting the¬†drainage maintenance¬†responsibilities of water companies up and down the country, Thames Water has pledged to address the problem areas in the capital. With the increase in sewer network for the organisation coming from sewers that are outside property boundaries and shared systems, which […]

When the impact moling technique is required

October 19, 2011

If the specialist drainage team arriving at a site to make repairs find that they are unable to carry out this work because the pipes are irreparable, then in the past excavation was the next step of the maintenance process. Nowadays, in this kind of situation, as well as when new water supply pipes or […]