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Call in the experts for drain replacement and pipework

June 30, 2011

Whilst the drainage contractor will aim to carry out any repair work or install pipes and drains without having to dig up the road, it is unfortunately not always feasible to use trenchless technology methods. In this case, excavation work would be required to take on the job and complete it successfully. One thing you […]

Flash flood warning follows recent heatwave

June 28, 2011

Most of the country has basked in soaring temperatures over the past few days, with yesterday recorded as the hottest so far this year, however flash flooding is now expected in many parts of England. The Environment Agency and Met Office have warned of this threat as heavy showers are due to hit southern, eastern […]

The havoc that FOG can cause to your drains

June 26, 2011

The national ‘Bag It and Bin It’ group was founded to combat the growing problems with Britain’s sewerage system, caused by the way households dispose of their waste. One of the areas highlighted by the campaign was how pouring fats, oils and greases (FOG) down the sink can create a number of serious issues with […]

The importance of bagging and binning your household waste

June 24, 2011

Waste management within a home is something that needs to be approached with a responsible attitude. Although it might seem obvious to some people, problems can occur when disposable and personal products are flushed down the toilet. More than two-thirds of blockages within the sewers are caused by synthetic materials which have been disposed of […]

No dig repair techniques employed in drain repairs

June 22, 2011

While in some situations excavation is still unavoidable, there are now far more repair techniques available to contractors that do not require a road or street to be dug up in order for drain repairs to be carried out. This means that the latest processes are time-saving and efficient so that the drain does not […]

Advice for those with leaking pipes at home

June 21, 2011

If you ever find a leak coming from the pipes that deliver your water supply, it is important to turn it off straight away. Burst water pipes are a common problem in households, especially following periods of cold weather and freezing temperatures when things start to improve. To tackle this issue, the following advice should […]

Lothian homes identified as being at risk of flooding

June 20, 2011

It has been reported that over 13,000 residential properties and nearly 1,300 businesses in the Lothians, Scotland, are in danger of suffering flood damage in the near future. According to official calculations published in a flood management consultation by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), the damage resulting from this flooding could total at least […]

Root removal from a drainage system

June 17, 2011

It is not just damaged pipes and drainage systems that require specialists to tackle the problem. Root removal is another service offered by the drainage professionals which is needed when the pipe system becomes blocked or its structure damaged by roots from shrubs, hedges and trees. Roots just seem to always find their way into […]

Get used to extreme weather and flooding

June 16, 2011

It has been reported in the news that climate scientists and weather observers have warned the news trends which seem to have been sweeping Europe over recent years are all set to continue. The fact that many areas of England and Wales are now being declared as drought zones following on from an extremely cold […]

EU flood risk definition sparks debate in Wales

June 15, 2011

The new European Union directive on providing funding for flood defences has been met with criticism by Welsh politicians over the term “significant flood risk”. This is due to the fact that much of the country’s population is spread out across different areas and so does not meet the requirements to be deemed a priority. […]