The Drainage Consultants were approached and asked to submit a price for the clean and survey of the below ground drainage system at Manchester Airport. As part of this project, it was necessary to identify interceptors.

After quoting, the Drainage Consultants were considered the best for the job and will begin work in a few weeks’ time. The first step is obviously the clean and survey, after which a report will be compiled for the client, highlighting any problems and defects together with a price for repairs.

A clean and survey involves first jet washing the drains. Water is forced through the drainage system at high pressure, removing any build-up of grime and debris. This is a safe method that ensures cleaner drains without posing any risk to the pipework.

Having carried out this first stage, the drains are then surveyed using CCTV. A camera is passed through the pipework which then transmits the images for examination. Any damaged or suspect areas can then be noted and added to the report.

When the client receives the report, they can then judge whether additional work is needed or not. If it is, it is a straightforward task to go ahead and make repairs as the damaged areas have already been identified.

The Drainage Consultants were recently hired to carry out a clean and survey of drains on an industrial site in Dukinfield. The job involved cleaning the system with high pressure water jets before examining the pipework via CCTV.

This is a fairly typical way of starting a job, the aim of which is to maintain the pipework and identify any flaws in it as well as any potential issues that may ensue. During the course of the work, a problem was identified with a culvert watercourse running underneath the units. The culvert was eight metres deep and was beginning to collapse. To deal with the problem, the culvert’s location under the units was traced and an excavation carried out around where it was collapsing. The excavation was over a 12m by 8m area, after which repairs could be made.

Having carried out the repair work, a 70m liner was then inserted. This might have been the point where many drainage companies would have left the job, but the Drainage Consultants cured the full length of the 70m liner with UV light as well. The liner is impregnated with a UV-reactive polyester resin which provides superior performance.

Drain blockages can be caused by many different things. But one of the most common reasons for blocked drains is root intrusion into the pipe. Roots from surrounding trees and plants can find their way into the drainage system near your home and can not only block the waste pipe network; but also cause serious damage to the structure of the pipe itself. A drain maintenance company will be able to perform a CCTV survey on your drainage system to determine if this is the case and will then suggest a suitable remedy.

If you have a drain blockage that is caused by root intrusion, a professional drain maintenance company can remedy the problem by inserting a rotating cutting device powered by a high pressure jet of water into the pipe to remove the roots and restore the pipe back to its full waste carrying capacity. The roots commonly find their way into the system through the joints between the different sections of pipe. However, depending on the results of the CCTV survey, the pipe may also need a liner repair or replacing completely.

Root infiltration can cause untold havoc to the homeowner, so drains should be checked on a regular basis by a drain maintenance company to check for potential problems.

If you are the owner or manager of a large industrial or commercial facility, you will need to make sure that the waste water systems you have on site are maintained and are always in good working order. The large number of people you may have on site mean that disruptions to the drainage system will have a great impact on their ability to work and hence your ability to make a profit due to downtime. This is why it is so important that you have a drain maintenance contract in place.

As part of your maintenance contract, the drainage contractor will visit your premises out of normal working hours to carry out any preventative or remedial work. They will also be able to carry out detailed surveys of your drainage system and be able to advise you if repairs or replacement sections of the system will be needed in the future. Drainage contractors are available to call whenever you have a problem and can offer emergency services 365 days a year if necessary.

Having disaster recovery systems in place is now commonplace for most businesses in the UK. So, including a drain maintenance contract and an emergency call out into this system is one way that you can prepare for any issue should it occur.