How Drain Tracing Turns Us into True Detectives

We detect and diagnose drainage problems and, like detectives doing police work, we have a number of procedures and processes at our disposal to help us get the job done.

Over time, the business of examining and fixing drains has become more efficient, with various technological advances. These include CCTV cameras and sonar drain tracing. The days where we simply relied on drainage rods seem a long way off.

Our detective work is as important as the remedial tasks we carry out, because really understanding what’s going on underground is what enables us to do our work to the highest professional standards.


Early Warning

When it comes to being prepared, we like to have all the facts in front of us, including specific locations of faults and defects. Drain networks can have tricky, hard to reach areas, so early warning of things like collapsed pipes or concealed manholes is always going to be useful.

Using our drain tracing equipment, we send electrical pulses along the drain network through a transmitter we’ve placed in the drain. Above ground, a team uses a receiver to follow these pulses. This gives us an accurate reading of what the network is actually like, including any problem spots.

This detective work can be enormously effective in saving us both time and effort when it comes to repairing drains. And we pass these savings on to our customers by providing excellent value, quoting accurately and affordably for our services.

The business of looking after drains isn’t restricted to unblocking them and sorting out problems after they’ve occurred; sometimes the fact-finding we do using drain tracing is used to have advance information about existing drain networks.

For construction projects and renovations in particular, drain tracing can be a real help in gathering the right kind of advance knowledge of how the drains lie, prior to any work commencing.

Again, this is a way of ensuring that the accurate knowledge of the existing network’s layout informs the decisions contractors make later on.


To find out how drain tracing and our detective work can help you, contact Drainage Consultants today.

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