Unblocking A Kitchen Sink

Unblock Your Kitchen Sink Quickly

Guide to unblocking a kitchen sink

In many modern homes, the sink is the focal point of the kitchen. It’s where hands are washed, food is rinsed and dishes are scrubbed after mealtimes. With so much going on at the sink, it’s understandable that, from time to time, it will become blocked.

Prevent Future Blockages

The standard sink hole is fitted with a strainer, but additional mesh strainers can be purchased. This will minimise the amount of waste that makes its way into the drain.

Step-By-Step Guide

You will need;

  • A plunger
  • Towels
  • A cup or pan,
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Boiling Water

Step one

First of all, be sure to block any additional points leading to the drain, such as the overflow holes. If you have a double sink, then fill the second sink hole with a towel.

Step two

If there’s water in your sink which has failed to drain since you tried the plunger, remove as much as you can using a cup or pan. Then pour around 230ml of baking soda into the plughole. Next, measure out the same amount of white vinegar and pour that down too.

Step three

Allow this mixture to sit in the system for around 20 minutes, while it dislodges whatever food and grease has built up to cause the blockage. Boil then kettle while you wait as you’ll need the hot water for the next step.

Step four

Finally, pour the boiling water down the drain and wait for a couple of minutes. The problem should now be solved.

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