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Drainage services for retail and supermarkets

We understand how vital your customers are to your business which is why we work hard to provide practical drainage solutions and sound maintenance packages. Your business needs more than just fast response; you need the peace of mind that a drainage problem will never occur.

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The drainage systems of supermarkets and retail outlets are vital to the proper running of the store. We focus on prevention and maintenance because emergency repair of these issues is quite costly and in severe cases can temporarily shut the supermarket down. Our typical services for retailers are;

  • High intensity cleaning and vacuumation as part of our maintenance plans.
  • CCTV drain surveys, sonar drain tracing and dye testing to eliminate risks and keep the drains flowing properly
  • Full repairs if a problem occurs. Delivered quickly and professionally.

Delivering on promises

Drainage Consultants Ltd specialise in business drainage services and have experience to back it up. We know that your areas of high traffic and heavy loads are particularly susceptible to damage and should be maintained completely and regularly in order to keep problems at bay and extensive damage to a minimum. With 20 years of servicing businesses, we are proficient in all aspects of drainage.


Retail Drainage Inspections

Your drainage systems can be inspected at regular intervals; as determined by our engineer’s report. This is at least twice a year but more often in larger stores.


Planned Preventative Maintenance

A routine repair will typically be a lot less disruptive than an emergency repair would be. We can customise a maintenance package to your requirements.

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Quick Reponse Teams

We have engineering teams located across the country and available 24/7. They respond quickly to emergencies minimising any interference to your daily business operations.

How We Can Help

We will get a clear picture of the drains health and advise you on any issues before they happen. Our trained professionals will also check for unusual odours and leaking pipes.

Our teams can maintain your pump stations and service your car parks with comprehensive vacuumation, cleaning and jetting of any petrol interceptors or oil separators.

When a problem or potential problem is found, a report containing a quote for remedial action is given which can be handled by one of our drainage engineers.

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