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Drainage Services For Architects, Surveyors and Engineering Projects

With many years experience working with professional services, Drainage Consultants Ltd will ensure you know everything you need to about your project’s drains throughout new build and redevelopment projects.

Drainage Consultants will manage your project’s drainage needs including;

  • Mapping the full extent of the drainage system on site.
  • Reporting back on the condition and propose rehabilitation work if necessary

… and much more!

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Providing A Clear Plan

Your drainage system is an integral part of any structure, and before any architects plans are drawn and construction begins it is vital to take a look at the existing drains. We work closely with structural engineers, architects and surveyors providing a clear, concise plan of the drains enabling you to determine the capability and suitability for extension as and where needed.

Drain Services for Engineers

The Latest Technology

We use the very latest high-tech CCTV survey equipment so surveys can be obtained without excavation. The cameras will provide the client with a clear concise plan of the drainage system, showing its capability, where it ends as well as highlighting any existing problems and potential threats.

CCTV Drain Services for Architects

Recommendations and repairs

Our specialist service is popular with engineers, architects and surveyors range from inspections and detailed plans to solutions and stabilisation. After producing the plans and detailing condition we also offer a comprehensive repair service including detailed costing.

Drain Services for Surveyors

Nationwide service

We have engineers located throughout the country and with an emergency service available and a genuine dedication to prompt calls, our team can be on-site within a few hours helping achieve deadlines and minimising loss of construction time.

Information You Can Rely On

Using CCTV, sonar drain tracing and dye testing for complex projects we can deliver a real time picture of the system allowing you to make informed decisions.

CCTV camera technology has become the most popular method of surveying largely due to its precision and non-disruptive manner; the camera will provide full colour pictures, exact dimensions as well as potential problems and blockages. Dye testing, and sonar drain tracing can also be used in difficult cases particularly useful in a complicated or older structure. Sonar tracing is an effective way of locating hidden connections even in hazardous and delicate areas.

We will very often use this technology in conjunction with CCTV covering every possibility, ensuring detail and highlighting any problems.

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