Avoid Ambushes by Faulty Drains with a CCTV Drain Survey

There are nice surprises and unpleasant surprises. Generally, with drains, any surprises are likely to be unwelcome. We like to know as best we can what’s around the corner, but what about what’s underground and otherwise hidden from view?

A CCTV drain survey will tell you all about your drains, and it’s an effective means of detecting any problems or faults, so that you aren’t suddenly ambushed with a nasty surprise.


Being Prepared

People make plans, for business and in their private lives. Think about how people plan their holidays early in the year, or know when they’re going to get the decorators in.

But for many people, in business and at home, certain things are out of sight and out of mind. Until they go wrong, that is.

Drains are such a thing. It’s only when there’s a persistently foul smell and they’re not working that they’re on your radar.

But as with many things, being prepared means acting early to avoid greater problems later. In short, don’t wait until your drains are really not functioning properly before getting them checked.

The costs in terms of inconvenience rise the longer you leave it.


Give Your Drains a Health Check

You may have your suspicions, but how do you really know?  Say you have a business, what would the effects of bad drains be on your customers and staff? Are there health implications? Think of the potential cost to you.

The same is true for a household. A blocked drain is likely to occur at a time of maximum inconvenience to you, when you have to take time off work to arrange to get it fixed.

A CCTV drain survey is an efficient and fast way to have your drains checked by professionals.

We film the inside of your drains and, with the help of sonar drain tracing, we can get a very clear picture of exactly what state your drains are in. We give you a DVD of the footage we taken, along with a full report telling you all about your drains, and, where necessary, we recommend the next course of action you need to take.

Don’t be ambushed by your drains. Get a CCTV drain survey and know what’s going on. Contact Drainage Consultants today.

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