Why Can CCTV Drain Survey be Crucial for Homebuyers?

There’s a housing shortage and house prices in the UK are on the rise, and have been for some time. Buying a house is a bigger financial commitment than ever so making the right choice is critical. The homebuyer survey is a vital part of the house buying process and it’s there to make sure that the buyer knows exactly what condition a property is in prior to purchase.

CCTV drain surveys have increasingly become a vital part of the information supplied to homebuyers in advance of buying a property. There are some things regarding drains that you need to consider when buying a house. Firstly, where your responsibilities begin and end. A CCTV drain survey will make this clear. Secondly, the survey can reveal any weaknesses or problem areas that could have a bearing on the value of your home. These might include blockages, pipe deterioration and damage from tree root incursion.

Older properties may well have drainage weaknesses and issues, but this can also be true of new houses if they have badly laid drainage. Furthermore, in 2014 the UK had its wettest winter on record so it’s worth noting that a properly functioning drainage system is an essential defence against flooding. There is also the possibility that drains have been wrongly connected, or that leakage from drains is posing the threat of subsidence.

A pre-purchase CCTV drain survey might not seem an immediate priority if you’re a prospective house buyer, but depending on the area and the condition of the property, it may well be something you don’t want to exclude.

It always makes sense to be in full possession of the facts before you decide on any action and our CCTV drain survey can provide you with vital information in advance of your decision whether to buy or not.

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