Where Are the Plans? Time for Drain Tracing

When it comes to drains, you can’t always get a clear picture about what’s going on. Unfortunately, when it comes to plans, the same can apply. Buildings evolve. They get refurbished, re-fitted, and extended. Vital plans can get lost or become outdated. A vital part of the process of building, however, how to know where to build, and what obstacles and difficulties there might be.

Drains and sewers can be a problem when it comes to building. There are recorded cases of people wanting to alter properties or add extensions only to discover that the position of drains and sewers makes proposed work difficult, if not impossible. In worse case scenarios, work has already commenced, at some expense, when the problems become apparent.

In 2004 a couple in Hampshire had planning permission to build an extension to their detached house only to find out from the local council that the position of a rising foul drain was likely to cause a problem. The existing plans had revealed nothing and the couple were put in a position where their scheduled extension was delayed while they spent more money redrawing and resubmitting their plans following a full survey of the site.

The key is to be prepared, to act in advance, and in so doing, save money and possible heartache. Drain tracing is a key part of the process in discovering what exactly lies beneath a building, and in obtaining up to date knowledge to therefore safeguard planning for building works.

Drain tracing involves the use of state-of-the-art technology to transmit electrical pulses, which can help pinpoint features of the concealed drain network. These might include concealed manholes or parts of the network that have become damaged over time.

Drain tracing provides a comprehensive picture of what a drain network looks like and what kind of condition it is in. This is the sort of knowledge that’s vital when considering building work.

Don’t risk disappointment and be prepared – contact Drainage Consultants today to find out how effective drain tracing can be in saving you time and trouble.

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