Is All This Rain Bad For Your Drain? A CCTV Drain Survey Will Tell You

In November 2015 the UK overall had 145% of its normal average rainfall. This will come as no surprise for the unfortunate residents of Carlisle and other areas. Climate change is now a fact of life and with it comes wetter winters, with an increased likelihood of flooding.

Water causes damage and floodwater can be harmful to health if it contains sewage. If your drains become blocked and cannot cope with excess water, you are more likely to experience flooding, or backed up wastewater.

Certain aspects of this are out of your control. You cannot change the weather or organise the building of better flood defences. However, ensuring that your drains are operating properly is something you can do. If you have any suspicion that your drains are not working as they should be, you ought to consider getting them checked out.

Are there signs to look out for with damaged or faulty drains? There’s the obvious: water isn’t draining properly, or at all; or that toilets won’t clear when they are flushed. A persistent bad smell is another indicator.

A CCTV drain survey is a very good way of finding out what the condition of your drains is. If there are problems, a drain survey will be able to pinpoint where they are and ascertain the causes. We send a camera down your drain and, using precise sonar drain tracing, we are able to map your drainage network.

This is an accurate, cost-effective and non-disruptive way of discovering what action is needed to keep your drains working properly. If the persistent rain has had a bad effect on your drains, even causing them to collapse, our CCTV drain survey will be able to find this out.

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive report and a DVD of our footage, together with our recommendations for remedial action. Don’t put off something that might cause you more trouble further down the line. Contact us today and get your drains thoroughly inspected.

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