How Can You Protect Your Property from Drainage Danger?

Before considering whether or not it’s worthwhile having a CCTV drain survey, think about what sort of a threat poor drainage could be to your property.

Firstly, what about the drains that should carry surface water away? We live in a wet country, and some years are much, much wetter than others. Storm drains are designed to carry surface water away, but if they’re not working properly, this water won’t be going anywhere. Water that’s left to stand can seep into walls and eventually lead to decay. This sort of damage may take a long period of time to build up, but leaving your drains unattended will only make things worse in the long run.

Next there are your foul drains to think about. These carry wastewater away into the public sewer and drainage system. Foul really can mean foul if they get blocked up. The smell alone should alert you to the fact that something’s wrong. Blocked drains are a potential health hazard as well as an inconvenience and whichever way you look at it, they’re not pleasant to live with.

The thing about drains is that they are just there. You don’t generally give them a lot of thought unless, or until, something goes wrong. But it really is worthwhile considering having them inspected, particularly if you suspect that they are not functioning to the best of their capabilities.

One of the easiest, least disruptive and most cost effective ways of having your drains inspected is with a CCTV drain survey. We use the latest technology to send a camera into your drainage system so we can record exactly what condition it’s in.

We have team of professionals highly experienced in conducting drain surveys in a variety of commercial and domestic environments. Our CCTV drain survey will form the basis of a full report on your drainage system, including a DVD of the actual footage taken.

Whether it’s to diagnose a problem, or for mortgage or insurance purposes, a CCTV drain survey is the ideal way of ensuring your drains aren’t going to cause your property any lasting damage. Contact Drainage Consultants now for
more information.

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