Have You Got a Case of Drainage Déjà Vu?

There’s nothing quite like recurring drainage problems to put a damper on your day. These show themselves in a variety of ways, all of them unpleasant. For example, a persistently foul odour coming from your drains would indicate a recurring drainage problem. And while you might be able to function as normal, up to a point, it’s not something you can really ignore.

In the home, foul smelling drains are bad news, in a business they can become a real liability. Restaurants in particular can suffer from recurrent drainage problems due to the high volumes of fat and grease they routinely have to dispose of. Clogged drains may seem like a fact of life if you have a restaurant or catering business, but this doesn’t mean they can’t, and shouldn’t, be addressed.

A drain survey is an excellent means to detect problem areas in a drainage system and to diagnose specific issues, such as foul-smelling and slow-working drains.

This isn’t a simple, nice to have option: commissioning a drain survey is a cost effective way of uncovering drainage problems without going to the expense and potential disruption of preliminary excavations. Modern CCTV technology allows us to conduct a thorough underground investigation and record the results.

The drain survey will show us what conditions your drains are in. We’ll be able to see from the CCTV footage whether or not there’s any long-term structural damage, collapses or blockages. Our CCTV footage will provide the information for a full survey report. This is how we can let you know exactly what you’re dealing with, along with our recommended action plan. We’ll also give you a DVD of the CCTV footage so you have your own record of what our cameras have unearthed.

When it comes to drainage problems, it really doesn’t have to be a case of here we go again. We can systematically investigate, record, report and then act to ensure your drains don’t keep causing you problems.

If you’ve got recurring drainage issues, whether you’re a householder or a business owner, you need to consider whether a drain survey is something you can continue to afford not to have.

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