Can a Drain Survey Help With Your Buildings Insurance?

A drain survey can be a key preventative measure taken to provide reassurance to property owners and insurers that a local drainage network is working as it should. It can also provide crucial information in the event of an insurance claim. Faulty drains require immediate repair or buildings risk mounting drainage problems, possibly leading to complete failure of the drainage system and subsidence.
Should the worst happen, if you’re a property owner you may in fact find that your existing buildings insurance covers the cost to repair or replace damaged drainage systems. Generally this cover will be valid if a drainage system has been regularly maintained.
However, you may also find the task of making a claim to be daunting, particularly with regard to any technical questions that can arise around drainage and drain failure.

In this light, a drain survey can prove to be an invaluable asset. It provides the right kind of information required to enable you to make a claim under buildings insurance. It will also give the insurer vital information to support the claim. A drain survey will locate trouble spots in drainage systems, including incursion from tree roots, or where the pipework has become degraded. It will also be able to pinpoint where blockages have occurred and what contributing factors there are to any damage.

Finally, the survey will assist in determining the right course of remedial action required to put things right. By referring to the collected survey data, including CCTV survey footage, we can then provide an accurate quotation for the repair or replacement work, again essential for your buildings insurance claim.

We can, if necessary, also provide a full subsidence report to insurers, in addition to a drain survey. Our services involve detection, diagnosis, preventative and remedial work. We’re here to maintain drainage systems and, should things go wrong, take the right course of action to get them fixed.

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