Are Your Drains Doing Damage to the Environment? CCTV Drain Survey

Why would you have a CCTV drain survey? Let’s work back a bit: the most effective means easily available of clearing a blocked drain is a chemical cleaner, bought off the shelf. However, this kind of cleaner does contain harmful agents and is definitely hazardous if it comes into contact with your skin. If your drains are persistently poor in how they function, what then is the likely cumulative impact of continually using a chemical drain cleaner?

Chemical cleaners often contain sodium hydroxide, which is highly caustic. Prolonged use may eventually damage the local eco system, and your pipework. The question then becomes one of whether you have a long-term drainage problem if you’re having to resort to a chemical drain cleaner all the time.

How can you easily find out what condition your drains are in? The answer is a CCTV drain survey. With this method, cameras are pulled through your pipework, providing a clear, visual record of how your drains are looking. A CCTV drain survey is a way of giving your drains a proper health check. If they’re not flowing as well as you would expect them to, this is one way of finding
out why.

Not only will this work uncover any problem areas or damaged drains, it will also result in a comprehensive plan of your drainage system. This is particularly useful when it comes to selling a property, as banks, mortgage lenders and insurers can often request a drain survey. So, if you’ve had a CCTV drain survey completed prior to your property going on the market, or you want to alter it with building work, you’re likely to be speeding up the whole process.

In short, a CCTV drain survey has multiple direct and indirect advantages: it can diagnose long- and short-term drain issues; it will help satisfy mortgage lenders and insurers; it may save you money in the long run by uncovering problems early on; and it helps the environment if it means you no longer have to persistently pour chemicals down your drains to clean them.

Get in touch with Drainage Consultants today to arrange for your CCTV drain survey. It’s a cost-effective means of giving you peace of mind about your drains.

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